Beckton_District_Park_NorthAuburn, AL is one of the most picturesque cities in the state, if not in the country, where the city planners have done a great job ensuring that urban areas are surrounded by plentiful green areas.

There’s nothing worse than living in a city where you see nothing but mile after mile of urban sprawl, but that’s never an issue for people who live here or for people considering relocating to Auburn AL.

In addition to the plentiful green spaces, there are plenty of fantastic parks, numbering almost twenty in total.

There are so many great parks in and around Auburn we thought we’d take some time to highlight our three favorites.


Kiesel Park

This is the largest park in the city of Auburn with 157 acres of dog-friendly space for you, your family and your canine friends to enjoy. There are miles of walking trails to explore, and if you’d like to mix up your walk with some history, make sure to pay the Nunn Winston House a visit while you’re there.

The fact that this is an off-leash park makes it very popular with dog owners, and there’s even a water fountain for your four-legged friends to drink from on hot days.

In addition to its popularity with people who want to get away from it all for a little while, Kiesel Park also plays host to a number of festivals, parties and other events during the year. The most popular of these is the Auburn Cityfest, which attracts in excess of 30,000 people each year.

In summary this park gives you a taste of the great outdoors without having to stray too far from the comforts of home.


Chewacla State Park

Yes, the name of this park does sound very much like a character from the Star Wars universe, and he might even feel at home in the 669 acres of space here. This is a State Park, so it is obviously much bigger than any city park could hope to be.

There’s a 26-acre lake and several creeks situated here, offering lots of opportunities for both fishing and non-motor water sports.

Your kids will have a great time on the playground, but if you’re planning a longer stay you can choose between camping sites or one of the several stone cottages. The cottages are available for rent and are something you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

You’ll find lots of trails suitable for hiking and biking enthusiasts with just enough variety to offer a challenge. Several of these trails converge near the waterfalls located in the park, a feature many regular visitors aren’t even aware of. Visit the state park’s website HERE.

What better way to finish a day of hiking, biking, swimming and fishing than with a delicious picnic in one of the designated picnic areas?


Town Creek Park

This is the smallest park on our list, coming in at just under 100-acres, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that small can be perfect, which in this case it is. The park offers you hiking and biking trails, a dairy farm, workout stations, a pond with its own population of turtles, a creek and even a restroom area.

There are several plans underway as part of the ongoing development of this park, so you can expect to see additional features and amenities being added over the next few years, including the addition of a dog park.

People are beginning to understand that being in touch with nature isn’t just about getting fresh air, it’s about healing yourself by connecting with your roots. Albert Einstein put it best when he said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


We couldn’t agree more, so why not take the first step by visiting one of the many great parks in Auburn, AL this week? Don’t forget you can also visit Sam Harris Park, Martin Luther King Park, Hickory Dickory Park, Graham McTeer Park, and Duck Samford Park in addition to the parks we mentioned earlier in this blog post. For information on all the parks in Auburn, AL, visit the Auburn Parks page.