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Relocating brings many questions to mind: what to ask your realtor the next time you have showings, what percentage you locked in at on your mortgage, and how many boxes you might need to purchase for moving. Here’s some help from your Alabama movers: check out this information you might want to know before the moving trucks pull up.


Ready your belongings for the movers

Before the movers arrive, make sure you should have your dishes washed and out of the dishwasher. Leaving this to the last minute can get a little messy. Along the same lines, make sure your clothes are clean and out of the washer or dryer. Checking your appliances before the movers come over is always a smart idea.


Empty out any gas or oil that might be inside of your lawn mower or other gas-powered tools. Moving these with gas and oil in them can be a very dangerous hazard to both the rest of your belongings and your Auburn movers.


Line up services after your move

If you’re moving along with your belongings and don’t have time to go back to your old home to clean up, make sure to schedule a cleaner the day after your movers come. Also make sure to keep your utilities on until the house is clean, as vacuum cleaners tend not to work without electricity! Make sure your utilities are shut off within a couple of days to avoid complications with the new owner setting them up.


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