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Thinking about moving your business to a new location in Alabama? Here are five of the most important things to consider before you move.

Think About the Top 5 Most Important Reasons for Moving a Business

According to economic development consultant Sharon Ward, there are five main reasons why businesses choose to move a location. Those reasons include:

-Labor and work force issues

-Desire to research new markets

-The need to upgrade facilities or equipment

-Desire to lower costs or increase cash flow

-Concerns about quality of life

Your business doesn’t necessarily have to align with any of those reasons prior to a move. However, it may be reassuring to learn that businesses just like yours frequently move simply for things like “quality of life” and “desire to lower costs.” These things are important to all companies,

Consider the Benefits of the Move

What immediate benefits would a move bring to your business? Would you be able to reach new customers? Would your employees be able to enjoy easier commutes to work and a better quality of life? Would you be able to slash rent prices in half or enjoy a location with a lower crime rate?

Some businesses can also enjoy tax benefits by moving. Large companies seeking to build semiconductor factories or auto plants, for example, can often earn tax concessions worth billions of dollars from the regional government.

Whether the benefits are financial or emotional, you will need to tally up all these benefits in order to properly assess your move.

Consider the Negatives of the Move

Moving to a new location can bring some obvious benefits. However, there can be some negatives as well. Some problems with moving a business include:

-The cost of shutting down a business for days or even weeks during the move

-The annoyance of moving to a new system or changing your addresses

-The cost of moving all equipment to a new location

Another potential negative is the location where you’re about to move. Why is rent cheaper there? Is it a crime-filled neighborhood? Is it dangerous? Is it hard to attract qualified employees? Is it far from transportation infrastructure – like airports and train stations? In many cases, there’s a hidden story behind a low rent price.

Now, your job is to look at the benefits of the move and weigh them against the negatives. See how the metaphorical scale balances out.

Consider Expanding Versus Moving

One common reason why businesses move is because they’ve outgrown their current location. However, some businesses find that instead of moving, they can simply expand their current location. They might lease another floor of their building, for example, or undergo an expansion renovation project.

In some cases, expanding your current location is cheaper than moving. In other cases, you can save a lot of time, money, and hassle simply by packing up and moving to a new location.

Talk to Local Alabama Movers

Moving may seem like a daunting task. It may seem impossible, or that it’s going to be so expensive that it’s not worth it.

Talking to professional local movers may alleviate your concerns. Most moving companies offer accurate quotes on all moving services. They’ve moved plenty of companies just like yours over the years and they know exactly how much time, money, and effort will go into your move.

We are that moving company for you. Here at Lambert Transfer & Storage we’ll alleviate your stress and concerns, while you focus on relocating your business without much downtime. We’ll handle the logistics of everything else.

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