burgerEmployment news satisfies many. When the news involves your own city. It’s even better.

Golden State Foods is building a meat processing facility here in Opelika with the long-term goal of creating at least 170 jobs.

What is Golden State Foods?

Golden State Foods was established in 1947 and was one of the very first companies to supply McDonald’s with a variety of meat products for its growing fast-food business. In recent years, Golden State has grown to become an international force in the production of meat products, supplying at least 125,000 fast-food businesses around the world, giving the company on overall net worth in excess of $6 billion.

What Does This Mean for Opelika?

We have an international brand choosing to open a 165,000-square foot facility here, which will not only provide direct employment once the facility opens, but it will also provide indirect employment during the construction phase of the project.

There’s also the financial impact for local businesses that comes from people having more disposable income as a result of additional employment in the area. 170 new jobs may not seem like a lot, but it will drastically affect our local economy, ensuring that Golden State Foods takes its place as a key employer in the region.

Will the Company Care About the City?

Another benefit in having the Golden State plant is that this company believes in working with the communities that they are located. The company doesn’t just pay lip service to its commitment to corporate social responsibility – Golden State actually does something about it, too.

This is backed up by the assistance provided to families and children in need through the non-profit GSF Foundation, founded in 2002 and run entirely through the efforts of GSF volunteers in 27 different communities.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Golden State Food’s new plant has already taken place, and the new Golden State Foods plant here is expected to be operation by the middle of 2017. This is an exciting development on many levels for our city.

Their mission statement is also something that will resonate with most people: “Make the best products, and provide the best service.”

And this is just one of the core principles the company has built on over the years. Others include treating others like you want to be treated, always giving customers a fair deal, and maintaining the highest standards in everything they do.

Stay tuned for more updates on Golden State Food’s presence in Opelika, all courtesy of the friendliest, and most professional, movers in Auburn, AL.