30May 2016
Auburn AL

Graduating from college is an exciting stage of life, and we know that the whole world now seems to be your oyster. You’re probably chomping at the bit to leave quaint Auburn behind, while you plan your move to another city. Only experience can teach you that all that glitters aren’t gold, so we thought […]

26Apr 2016
Auburn Opelika movers

Alabama’s population statistics for 2015 were recently released, and they show huge growth for the Auburn-Opelika metro area. Lee County, home to both Auburn and Opelika, was one of the fastest growing counties in the entire state. The county continued to add thousands of residents this year and, according to the reports, shows “no signs […]

18Feb 2016
Auburn movers

We all know that storage units are a great way to free up space in your home or provide temporary storage for your belongings when you’re relocating, but they are not suitable for storing absolutely everything. Certain items are actually illegal to place in a storage unit and could be deadly. If in doubt always […]

28Jan 2016

Spring is just over the horizon, but that doesn’t mean the cold weeks are going away. So, what better way to celebrate the colder months of the year than to spend an evening or two watching the Cottonmouths cutting up the ice on their home ground? If you’re a resident of Columbus, GA then you […]

21Jan 2016

Auburn, AL is one of the most picturesque cities in the state, if not in the country, where the city planners have done a great job ensuring that urban areas are surrounded by plentiful green areas. There’s nothing worse than living in a city where you see nothing but mile after mile of urban sprawl, […]

21Dec 2015

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. There is something very special about celebrating life by enjoying a memorable meal with the person you love, family or friends. If you’re lucky enough to be living in Columbus GA, you have an […]

27Oct 2015
Columbus GA

Looking for fun and exciting things to do in Columbus, Georgia? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best things to do whether you’re visiting or living in Columbus, GA. Chattahoochee Riverwalk This 22-mile park hugs the banks of the historic Chattahoochee River, which winds from North Georgia all the way to the […]

20Oct 2015
Auburn movers

One of the most complicated parts of moving is safely packing furniture, valuables, and fragile items into the truck so they don’t break. When moving to a new home on their own, many people quickly realize they have no idea how to safely pack the moving truck. Today, Lambert Transfer and Storage is going to […]

20Mar 2015
Montgomery movers

So it’s the week before moving day and you’re worried about the move. That’s okay. It’s totally normal. Today, Lambert Transfer is going to make your upcoming move easier. We’re going to tell you 4 things you need to know before movers show up at your doorstep.   1) Start Packing your Stuff Long Before […]

26Feb 2015
Auburn movers

Moving to a new home seems easy – until you actually start to pack boxes. Your home probably has way more things in it than you realize. Learn how to move those things as efficiently as possible with these 5 essential packing tips guaranteed to make your move in Alabama and around the country easier: […]