02Jun 2014

Summer time is here and it’s the start of enjoying your outdoor space again! As you dust off your patio furniture and unpack the rest of your outdoor decorations from your recent move to Montgomery, you might be thinking your space could use a little refreshing. Making changes to your outdoor space can sometimes be […]

28May 2014

When you make a big move you get to experience a new environment, meet new people, and find more effective ways to organize your belongings to help make your life more efficient. As you unpack those moving boxes from your most recent move to Columbus, GA, make sure to read these tips on how to […]

12May 2014

The day will come when you stop and realize your life would be better if you just had the storage space that you need, and you finally call Lambert Moving & Storage to rent a self-storage unit. All of the things that have been stuffed and crammed into nooks and crannies will now have a […]

28Apr 2014

Lets face it, we all owe our moms more than we can ever repay. They’ve been there for you even during your recent relocation to Montgomery, AL. So remember to show your mom that you care and appreciate everything she’s done in your life by treating her to one of these creative ideas.   Live […]

14Apr 2014

Your moving day with your Columbus movers has come, and all your belongings are now unpacked in your new home with care. Now what? You need to get out and explore all the great adventures and places you can find in your new town of Columbus, Georgia! Here are some suggestions to help get you […]

28Mar 2014

Moving can be stressful, but the stress might be more intense as you move further away from the location you know as home. Whether you’re relocating states for a job transfer or attending a certain school, you want to be prepared for such a move. With the help of your Auburn movers and this checklist, […]