Auburn universityAuburn University has been selected to host the 2018 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, a conference that academics from Auburn University have been attending since 2008. The International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference is now celebrating its 23rd year, with the first ever conference taking place in 1993.

Thanks to some creative input from the faculty at Auburn University the 2018 conference will differ to those gone before it in terms of goals and the participants invited to attend. The theme for the 2018 conference is “Making Connections”, with the goal of demonstrating how writing across the curriculum can create connections between disparate groups where none existed before that.

Traditionally the conference would have only engaged those involved in higher education programs, but in 2018 the scope of attendees expands to include K-12 teachers, community literacy programs, library programs, and other areas of the arts. The thought process behind expanding the scope of the conference to include experts from other disciplines is to bring new and unexplored ideas to the table for the entire conference to discuss.

Unlike other academic conferences the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference avoids creating a dry, high-brow atmosphere by using multi-modal delivery and discussion platforms to engage the entire audience on valuable discussion points. You can look forward to activities including interactive workshops, presentations and roundtable discussions, delivered in a way that everyone present can enjoy.

So, there’s no need for you to be afraid of being bored senseless for several days. You can look forward instead to broadening your academic horizons by engaging with some of the best and brightest in the fields of education and the arts.

Hosting such a prestigious conference is yet another reason to be proud to live in Auburn. Our city can only benefit both financially and in terms of the national recognition we’ll receive during the 2018 conference. Plus, there’s also the additional focus it puts on academic activities within our city, in the most positive way possible.