Auburn ALGraduating from college is an exciting stage of life, and we know that the whole world now seems to be your oyster. You’re probably chomping at the bit to leave quaint Auburn behind, while you plan your move to another city. Only experience can teach you that all that glitters aren’t gold, so we thought we should make you aware of a few important pieces of information before you pack everything you own into a box, and head for the open road and new horizons.

The Job Market In & Out of Auburn:

It’s only when you move away from Auburn that you realize jobs are not the easiest thing in the world to come by. In fact, outside of Auburn the national unemployment rate varies between 8% and 12%, depending on which politician you choose to listen to.

Auburn is one of the few cities with predicted job growth in excess of 30%, meaning more than enough jobs for everyone living here. There’s also the small matter of at least 30% of all Auburn residents being employed in a professional capacity, as compared to 20% in most other cities in the United States.

Auburn has also consistently been ranked by Forbes as one of the best small cities in America for business and career opportunities, as well as being in the top twenty small cities for education and job growth. It’s hard to argue when those rankings come from Forbes.

Cost of Living Elsewhere:

The first real shock after you relocate to another city is that everything costs so much more than it did back home in Auburn. Even just a cup of coffee or beer can cost more than twice what you’re used to paying. Your grocery bill is going to be a lot higher each month, with everything from meat, fruit and vegetables costing at least 50% more.

Remember your old apartment, the one you rented for $500 per month? Well, you can expect your new apartment to cost at least $1,000 per month, so you’ll need a lot of cash to pay for your first and last month’s rent.

Salaries Are Bigger Elsewhere, But Not Always Best:

The reason most people move to bigger cities is because they want to increase what they earn, and a job in Washington or New York can double your upfront income. The problem is that your income tax will be higher, there’s more sales tax to pay, and your cost of living increases dramatically. So, while you might seem to be better off financially on paper, you won’t have very much cash left in your checking account at the end of each month.

Small Town Life:

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and that’s definitely true of the sedate pace of life you get to enjoy in Auburn. One of the things you’ll hear people complain about in relation to small town life is that it’s too quiet for them. Our city has a population of just 50,000 people, so there’s a real sense of community here. Moving to a city with a population of millions can be the most impersonal, and lonely, experience a human being can have. The bar where everyone knows your name doesn’t exist in a big city. You’re just a face in the crowd.

Climate Change:

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get into a longwinded debate about whether or not climate change is taking place. But, what we’d like you to think about is that moving to another state means you’ll have to adapt to the weather there. The weather in Alabama is very predictable, with hot summers, and mild winters. Snow might seem like a novelty when you see it in movies, but try commuting to your job or school during an ice or snow storm, and the novelty wears off very quickly. We love the climate here, so we know you’ll miss it when you’re gone.

As you can see there’s a lot to consider when you’re relocating to another city, and which movers to use is a key consideration. In Auburn you can rely on the expertise and advice of Lambert Transfer & Storage to help make the process as pain-free as possible.