events in Auburn ALYou’re getting ready to start college. The next big adventure in life, and you’re one of many student movers arriving in Auburn for the first term.

But, have you prepared yourself for the move? Do you have everything you need for your dorm room, or are you just having a full-blown anxiety attack at the thoughts of creating a list of “must have” items?

Don’t fear, the team of moving experts at Lambert Transfer & Storage will help you out.


1. Be Sentimental

Many first year students suffer from the strange notion that they instantly need to drop all ‘childish’ items. So, they leave behind their favorite blanket, stuffed toy, comic book or framed photo of their family. If these make you happy when you’re feeling blue, you should definitely bring them with you. Life is tough enough already during your first semester. Be yourself and be comfortable.

2. Don’t Overpack

You’ll have to face the fact that you can’t bring everything you own with you to college, so learn to be selective. If it’s non-essential, then leave it behind. Most of us carry around a lot of clutter we’ve gathered during our lives, so a college move is a great way to get rid of stuff you probably haven’t used in years.

3. Appropriate Clothing

This doesn’t mean packing a three-piece suit. What we mean is that you should pack clothing suitable for the climate you’re going to be living in and not the one you’re coming. You’ll always need shorts and t-shirts, but make sure you’re bringing proper clothes for the cold winter or rainy fall. Bring clothing you’d normally wear at home, but don’t forget the dress clothes for presentations, projects and interviews.

Need to make a checklist? University Parent has you covered.

4. Bring Bedding

You want cozy bedding. Why? For one, it’s a nice reminder of home and can help break the homesick spell that all college students suffer from. You also want to display good hygiene. Bring a bed cover. Do you know who slept in that bed before you? No.

With that being said, keep your list of bedding simple. A duvet, duvet cover, mattress toppers, two sets of fitted sheets and a pair of clean pillows are more than enough. A sleeping bag or air mattress can also be useful for emergency bedding for either yourself or a new college buddy.

5. Your Basic Technology

You can always buy these items when you get here, but you probably own most of them already. The two key items on your tech list are your smart phone and your laptop along with every single charger and cable you need for them.

Most smart phones have pretty decent cameras on them and can double up as e-readers and MP3 players, so that reduces the amount of additional items you need to pack.

After that comes an external hard drive or a variety of sturdy USB keys so you can store your college work. If you’re really paranoid about data loss, then check out online backup solutions – something like Mozy or Dropbox is worth having.

A spare HDMI and Ethernet cable will always come in handy, and then for entertainment purposes make sure you bring a stack of favorite movies on DVD and/or your Netflix login information.

6. Documentation

Being a college student is your first step towards becoming an actual grown-up, so now is as good a time as any to develop the habit of having your essential documents with you at all times. These include a copy of your birth certificate, health insurance details, bank documents, your social security number (SSN), enrollment documents, any scholarship documentation, a list of emergency contacts (store these on your smart phone too), your passport, and your student ID.

Will you need all of these? Probably not, but better to have them to hand than having to wait for them to be shipped to you from another state.

7. Your Medicines

Sure, there are literally hundreds of different items which fall into the category of “medicine”, but we’re referring to the items you absolutely need. These include any medications you need to take for allergies or an existing medical condition.

Other items like birth control pills, condoms, insect repellant, antiseptic/sanitary wipes, OTC painkillers, and a basic First Aid kit are important, too. Once you’ve added all of these to your packing list, we’re pretty sure you’re covered.

8. Study Supplies

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but just the stuff that we brainstormed. Lots of pens, several pencils, notepads, printer paper, printer ink, index cards, a hole-punch, highlighters, a ruler, scissors, stapler, White-Out, Post-It Notes, a calculator, a good desk lamp, and your textbooks.

The items most likely to be liberated from your possession are the stapler, scissors and hole-punch, so store them carefully when you’re not using them. It’s not that you’ll have a master thief in your midst, it’s just that students can often borrow things and then forget who they borrowed them from.

9. Food

The types of food you should pack are the ones you can cook quickly and easily, if they need to be cooked at all. You also might not be able to find all your favorite snacks or candy bars locally, so bring an ample supply of these.

Besides candy bars you should focus your efforts on Ramen noodles, coffee (your new best friend), Granola bars, Oatmeal, popcorn, peanut butter, your favorite jelly, coffee creamer and sugar.


What do you think of our tips for college students moving to Auburn? Is there anything we left out? If so, let us know!