So it’s the week before moving day and you’re worried about the move. That’s okay. It’s totally normal.

Today, Lambert Transfer is going to make your upcoming move easier. We’re going to tell you 4 things you need to know before movers show up at your doorstep.

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1) Start Packing your Stuff Long Before Movers Arrive

Okay, we’ll start with an obvious tip: if you’ve never moved before, then you may be unaware that movers expect you to place all of your possessions in cardboard boxes. They don’t just throw things loose into the back of a big magical truck.

Pack your stuff into secure cardboard boxes or other moving containers. If you don’t have cardboard boxes, then you can get used cardboard boxes from a wide range of sources – like your apartment’s recycling bin, your local grocery store, or from friends and family who recently moved.

2) Pack your stuff in secure cardboard boxes

If you’re not capable of packing or don’t have the time, then you can also get the movers to pack up your stuff for you. This costs considerably more than packing things yourself, but can save you a lot of time and hassle. If you’re going with this method, then movers may need to arrive 2-3 days before the actual move to begin packing.

3) Don’t be Afraid to Ask for an Estimate

Moving companies may provide a general outline of their prices right when you sign up. However, the final amount you pay could fluctuate wildly based on the distance you’re going to travel and the weight of your things.

Ask your mover for an estimate. That way, you’re not left with any surprises on moving day. Also, be sure to tell your movers where you’re moving: some movers will charge extra if they’re moving things into a 30th floor apartment as opposed to a ground floor house, for example. You could also incur extra fees if the moving truck cannot park on the street outside your place.

4) Know Exactly What the Movers’ Insurance Covers

Most moving companies offer some type of insurance. This insurance might cover your items based on weight. If your TV weighs ten pounds, then the moving company may cover 60% of its weight in dollars.

Many people choose to purchase independent insurance during a move. This gives you peace of mind in the event that things go wrong during the move.

Sometimes, moving companies offer different levels of insurance. Compare these rates with the rates offered by your insurance company. And always check the coverage before you let movers handle your stuff. Make sure the company and all its employees are fully bonded and insured.

Remember: moving is only as stressful as you make it. If you plan your move in advance and carefully research everything, then you should feel like a moving expert by the time moving day rolls around.

If you need any help, movers in Montgomery like Lambert Transfer are available to help you with all sorts of different moving logistics and questions. Helping people move since 1925, Lambert Transfer is a favorite moving company in Alabama.