coffee-cup-spoon-cappuccinoThere are few things more enjoyable than a delicious cup of coffee in a relaxing, clean environment.

Unfortunately, not every coffee shop serves amazing coffee, and even fewer of them have an ambiance that makes you want to stick around – this is doubly true of the larger coffee chains, where people assume they’re drinking a great cup of coffee because it costs $5.

The truth, however, is that the best coffee in the world lies hidden in small coffee shops you’ve probably never heard of.

Mama Mocha’s

This coffee shop, located on 414 South Gay Street, opened its doors to a grateful public in 2010. Sarah, the owner, has well over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, and she put this expertise to work creating her own unique style of coffee roasting.

The end result is rich, dark blends that aren’t even remotely bitter – they taste exactly how you expect great coffee to taste. Mama Mocha’s is about more than just coffee because it also plays home to writing workshops, movie screenings, and lots of similar events.

The staff here is super-friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to make recommendations. If you want to treat yourself, try the honey latté made with almond milk – it’s to die for!

Toomer’s Coffee Shops

Toomer’s actually operates from two different locations in Auburn – one on 1100 South College Street and another at 2415 Moore’s Mill. These coffee shops were recently taken over by Todd and Toni Holt, but Trish and Sandy Toomer still roast the coffee, so the flavor and aroma remain the exact same.

Toomer’s serves hot and cold drinks, plus artisan coffees, such as Vanilla Butter Cream, Malawi Peaberry, Columbian Supremo and their own signature blends. If you’re a tea lover, then you’re going to love the incredible selection of loose-leaf teas they offer here.

The owners are people of faith, so the music choices can be Christian-inspired at times, so it might not be to everyone’s taste. This is a great place to enjoy a coffee with friends, or even just chill out and study – the atmosphere is perfect for either.

Prevail Union

The craft coffee bar formerly known as Wake Up Coffee is now Prevail Union Craft Coffee & Market. Situated on 131 South College Street, this is one of the best coffee shops in the city.

Coffee is an art to the guys running this place; they do everything from promoting the art of making coffee, to explaining how their coffee drinkers can benefit the less fortunate coffee growers of the world. In addition to coffee, there’s also a range of baked goods on offer, just in case you wanted a snack with your brew. Everything is made in-house with organic ingredients – the only buzz you’ll get is 100% natural.

Each of the baristas is fully trained, so you get an expertly crafted cup of coffee every time you visit. You get great music, friendly staff, comfortable surroundings and fantastic coffee – what more could you want?

The Overall Company

This truly unique business is run by the husband and wife team of Jay and Laura Pritchard, who have created a haven for the coffee-obsessed, which has also become an integral part of the local community.

The Overall Company is located on 1001 Avenue B, in Opelika, so it’s a few minutes off the beaten track, but worth the journey – it’s important that you visit this coffee den at least once in your lifetime. Seriously. The customers here are as unique as the décor, so you get an interesting mix of hipster but completely welcoming.

There’s an art gallery upstairs, an outdoor patio area for the warmer summer months, or the incredibly hip to hang out with during the winter. This is coffee you won’t forget in a hurry, and they even have a range of artisan ice popsicles for your kids.


The four coffee shops listed here are the real movers and shakers in Auburn AL., and nearby Opelika too. You owe it to yourself to try their coffees, and then make your mind up about which is your favorite.